Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facebook update

I've uploaded HTML for dummies, study it and it's fun ^.^ geek.

before (coding)

before (coding)


Tea tree Oil Week

February - April 2012 is Tea Tree Oil Week!

Advertisement November - February in Keluarga Magz

Software : Adobe Illustrator and Photshop

Advertisement features for November - February in Keluarga.

Base Design

Software : Illustrator and Photoshop

Been dealing with new product development, Gentle Series. Will be launch on April - May ^.^

Toning Lotion




Event : Celebrating Beautiful Skin

Been very busy with events back and forward.

Malacca Promo : 1Malaysia, 1Halal

Karangkraf Event

Promoter manja-manja meet-up


Standee Design

Software : Illustrator CS5 (3d)

Oh! dah lama tak buat 3d..

material : acrylic

material : cardboard

Face Illustration (muka sendiri..tapi cantikkan lagi)

Whenever i draw a face illustration, i often draw my own face ^.^ Itu namanya, syok sendiri design.